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Leadership Team:

Paul MockapetrisBoard of Directors ›› More
Bill StrahanBoard of Directors ›› More
Max ToyBoard of Directors ›› More
Dennis CaganExecutive Chairman of the Board ›› More
Jim O’FlahertyFounder & Chief Executive Officer, and Board of Directors ›› More
Winston GuilloryPresident, and Board of Directors ›› More
Amy FobesChief Digital Strategist, and Board of Directors ›› More
Wayne GeareyChief Data Scientist, and Board of Directors ›› More
Martha BassChief Operating Officer ›› More
Bill LowreyChief Information Officer ›› More
Steve TaffChief Technology Officer ›› More

Business Team:

George KuzmanovskiAdvisory Board ›› More
Kirk OtisAdvisory Board ›› More
Carey RansomAdvisory Board ›› More
Chris SpiveyAdvisory Board ›› More
Melvin FreemanBusiness Process Manager ›› More

Technology Team:

Trey AtkinsonDevOps Engineer ›› More
Walter BoydSr. Software Engineer ›› More
Mark KegelSr. Software Engineer ›› More
Doug KirkArchitect Software Engineer ›› More
Kurtis RodgersSr. Software Engineer ›› More
Robert RubinSr. Software Engineer ›› More